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We want to deliver to customers what they really want by quenching their thirst for a wonderful experience through quality construction and staff delight. As an extraordinary team of masters of architecture and engineering, Navaladi Groups are in solid business partnerships with world-renowned architects and professionals to achieve aesthetic and efficient designs.

Area : 52 Acres
1300 Plots
Area : 2.25 Acres
34plots(Sold out)
Area : 15 Acres
240 Plots (Sold out)
Area : 4.5 Acres
160 Plots(Sold Out)
Area : 2.5 Acres
36 Plots(Sold Out)

Area : 2 Acres
31 Plots

Area : 6.25 Acres
107 Plots

Area : 2.40 Acres
31 Plots

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